The Rising Stars’ program is a mentoring program for children ages 9-17.  The goal of Rising Stars is to offer a place for youth to develop themselves through a variety of expressive, creative, confidence boosting methods.  The program is hosted on a ranch 45 miles west, outside of Billings, Montana.

The ranch is an oasis of tranquility and harmony amidst a world that sometimes offers harshness and no appreciation of an individual’s right to express their selves in positive ways.  The Rising Stars program aims to soften the harshness of the world by directing participants towards practices and activities that may spark a passion and excitement for life, helping to facilitate a renewed purpose in life. 

Participants will be nestled on 300 acres of ranchland in the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains; with a panoramic view of the Pryor Mountains, which are home of a herd of

wild horses. Daily interactions with ranch horses provide opportunities for Rising Stars member to improve their self-confidence and self-worth, and to open their hearts.

Each selected child will interact with mentors who are professionals in their fields and possess a passion for what they offer to each person.  Mentors offer expertise in animal husbandry; healthcare; and earth appreciation; as well as writing; performance, and other creative arts.  Most importantly, through this program, Rising Star participants will acquire skills to enhance their own self-image and confidence.

Interested children are required to complete an application, as there is limited space for each Rising Stars session.  The application requires that, through the written word or drawing, applicants express why they wish to participate in the Rising Stars program. 


Rising Stars

June 22 - 25, 2017

Bridger, Montana